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IEA Calls Attention to Dramatic Energy Supply Efficiency Opportunity in CHP

“Nearly two thirds of the fuel burned in power plants worldwide is currently wasted -- vented out of the window as waste heat. We can - and must - do better if we are to achieve a sustainable
energy future”, said Nobuo Tanaka, the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) today at the Cogen Europe annual meeting in Brussels.

Mr. Tanaka highlighted the urgency of the climate change problem and explained that a new energy revolution was needed, which includes a portfolio of energy technology solutions that must solve our growing climate change, energy supply availability and energy security challenges. In particular, he noted the role of combined heat and power (CHP), or cogeneration, to help society transition to a cleaner energy future: “Countries like Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands have been able to achieve significant climate and energy savings benefits for the past several decades through a concerted government and industry effort to advance CHP. Other nations can learn from their examples.”

The IEA recently released a new publication CHP: Evaluating the Benefits of Greater Global Investment, which looks at the possible greenhouse gas reductions, energy savings and other
benefits that would result from greater global use of CHP. Mr. Tanaka explained the results of this report and stressed the particularly strong potential for CHP in regions with strong growth: “Our analysis confirms that there are important benefits that can be realized today from greater use of CHP, particularly in rapidly growing economies like Brazil, China, and India. The IEA will work with these countries to transfer CHP and district heating and cooling technology and knowhow through its network.”

Mr. Tanaka added that there would be additional IEA analysis released later in 2008, including country-specific CHP “Scorecards” and an IEA Information Paper on the role of CHP in
greenhouse gas emissions trading schemes. In addition, the role of CHP in meeting climate mitigation goals will also be examined in the upcoming IEA publication Energy Technology
Perspectives 2008 (6 June 2008).

Source : Communiqué IEA

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