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With more than 17 billion kWh of power generated from water, sun, wind and the heat of the earth, the new company is already a world leader in emission-free power generation

Today sees the birth of Enel Green Power, the Enel Group company aimed at developing and operating power generation from renewable resources in Italy and around the world. The new company’s business incorporates all of Enel’s activities in the wind, solar, geothermal, run-of-the-river hydroelectric and biomass fields in Europe, North America and Central and South America.

With nearly 4,300 MW of installed capacity, Enel Green Power is the number one Italian company with an internationally integrated business in renewable energy sources and the leading company in Europe in terms of generation capacity: more than 17 billion kWh, enough to meet the needs of some 6,500,000 households, avoiding the annual emission of 13 million metric tons of CO2, the greenhouse gas that is considered to be one of the main factors behind climate change.

“At Enel, we believe in the development of renewable sources”, says Francesco Starace, Head of the Renewable Energy Division in which the new company operates. “Renewable sources can give an important contribution to the security of energy supply as well as to the quality of the environment. With the new company, we intend to substantially increase the installed capacity relying on water, sun, wind and the natural heat of the earth, in the next 5 years, thanks to major development projects and to targeted investments in high-value projects.”

In order to leverage operations in renewables and expand Enel’s presence in this sector at the international level, thus confirming our leadership in Italy in the solar, hydroelectric and geothermal markets and our steady growth in wind power, Enel Green Power can already count on a significant presence in the sector at the world level. More specifically:

Italy: 2,513 MW of installed capacity, of which 331 MW in wind, 671 MW in geothermal, 4 MW in photovoltaic solar and 1,507 MW in hydroelectric.

Spain: 374 MW of installed capacity, 322 MW are in wind power, 26 MW in hydroelectric and the same amount in co-generation.

North America: 573 MW already installed, of which 231 MW in wind, 7 MW in geothermal, 314 MW in hydroelectric and 21 in biomass.

Latin America: 664 MW of installed capacity, of which 24 MW in wind and 640 MW in hydroelectric.

In addition, about 100 MW of wind capacity are already installed in France and Greece, while major projects are under way in a number of Eastern European countries (Romania and Bulgaria).

Enel Green Power also controls, Italy’s leading operator in photovoltaic and solar thermal power, with a market share of 35%. The company operates directly and through a franchising network of more than 400 installers, although this number will be rising fast thanks to the recent recruitment campaign launched by the company.

Source : Communiqué ENEL

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